Enrique Bunbury will launch his new album LICENCIADO CANTINAS on December 13, 2011.

The album will be preceded by "Ódiame", the first single set for a radio release on Nov 10 and which will be digitally on sale as of Nov 15.

Licenciado Cantinas includes fifteen songs and it will be available in digipack format and in a Limited Double Vinyl Collector's Edition that will also include the original album CD.

Visit to see four special EPK's with behind the scene footage of the making of Licenciado Cantinas.

There is no better introduction to this great work than the opinion of another superstar:


By Andrés Calamaro

"... among clouds of cotton we will make our nest" (José Alfredo Jiménez)

Enrique Bunbury embarks on a new project in California and introduces himself and his new album as Licenciado Cantinas. This brilliant collection of "versions", an unusual and exquisite repertoire, an attractive production by Enrique himself with "gourmet" arrangements from "Los Santos Inocentes", that integrates classic textures - but original - for a collection of jewels from the Pan-American repertoire that live together under the same beauty of arrangements and vocal interpretation of BUNBURY, at his best moment both personal and artistic, singing better than ever a profound collection of songs.

What a release for Enrique! The creative inspiration on this project is related to the interpreting craftsman, the "cosmic cowboy" who does not sign songs but signs a delightful album that is a "crossover" (hinge) of our continental music, the angelic beginning of an intelligent, curious and sensitive artist, on a permanent journey throughout the world, time and harmonies.

The "Licenciado..." is the highest exponent of a fertile private profession; there is a secret that only we the singers know, and those who generously give us their heart in exchange of singing and songs, and it will remain saved under the heart's carpet to whom it may concern. It will be impossible not to enjoy this great album. For me (a rocker in love with the Hispanic - Latin American songbook) it is a privilege to hear this desirous and passionate album "first" (while flying between Chicago and Mexico City) of my dear colleague Enrique, who graduated with honors in the musical cantinas of the Spanish language continent.


The preface ("El Mar, El cielo y Tú" by Agustín Lara), a delicious and fresh instrumental bolero with "Morricone" aromas that gives rise to "Llévame" (by Louie Ortega) with the participation of the legendary "Flaco" Jiménez and the dialogue between Álvaro Suite's Fender, the double base of Robert "Bob" Castellanos and the piano of Rebenaque. The exciting "Mi sueño Prohibido" is introduced with the percussion of Quino Béjar and the stellar appearance of Eliades Ochoa; it then moves to "Pa llegar a tu lado" a deep and delightful recording/performance with "noises" and strings of velvet that makes you feel your heart in your throat. An answering machine introduces the analog "Chacarera de un Triste" (by the Simon brothers), reformulated as "bomba caribeña y eléctrica ".

Each track is a demonstration of the audacity and elegance of "Los Santos Inocentes", reunited by BUNBURY who directs the band singing as always and better than ever. "Ódiame" (by Barreto/Otero Lopez) is introduced with the Hammond organ and accordion, a danceable and exciting song, in what is (without doubt) a perfect example of this "sauce", this "stew" of rhythms, sounds and repertoire: the equilibrium between the tradition of rock-sound and the Central and South American genres. The equilibrium was invented to losing the equilibrium, drunk with emotion, with a tear looming, drunk by music, because without music life would be a mistake. "Vida" (of Casas Padilla) is a text in living flesh. "El Licenciado (El Mulato)" (by Ricardo Ray & Bobby Cruz) resolves the psychedelic "salsódromo" after presenting with a "jondo" Dobro climate, and is hooked with the sweet Colombian tragedy "El Solitario" (by Alfredo Gutierrez), which has the stellar appearance of Dave Hidalgo (Los Lobos) on guitar and bajo sexto, a distorted keyboard and a banjo in dialogue with Enrique, who confirms that if "the ocean became liquor, he would drown to die drunk", a sensitive and perfect Colombian declaration of principles. With Hidalgo playing the accordion, and with a touch of "corrido / banda", "Ánimas, que no amanezca" is introduced, and it doesn't take long to be reconfigured as "banda-billy" with Alfredo Corrales playing the tuba. An album to sing while dancing on a table, tearing your shirt off, laughing and shedding tears. "Que me lleve la tristeza" (Marcial Alejandro), is one of the best vocal performances of BUNBURY's journey that is presented with sensible and solid vocals alongside the textures of the vibraphone, acoustic guitar, the lap-steel guitar, and the legendary Charlie Musselwhite.

"El Dia de Mi Suerte", (by Héctor Lavoe and Willie Colon), is revealed with original rhythm "Bo Diddley-Caribe", incendiary. "Cosas Olvidadas" (a tango by Rodio/Contursi), sung with a rough spirit. "Flaco" Jiménez returns on "La tumba será el final," which, without a doubt is a dramatic and sentimental text "in extremis". Particularly exciting is the ending of this album, with the deep and moral strength of the verses of Atahualpa Yupanqui ("El Cielo está dentro de mi"), again with the universal harmony of Musselwhite. Milonga Grande is one of Enrique's favorite genres, and it suits as the perfect ending (and Declaration of principles) of/for a personal album, perfectly assembled by "Los Santos Inocentes". An album that ends without a final chord, without even a reverberant atmosphere, to leave us breathless. With the final comment that defines the wanderer, the humble and the traveler of inner journeys; that "Observatory" from where Enrique contemplates with his eyes wide open the sensitive universe that shelters us.

A great album by Enrique Bunbury, who reinvents himself as a pioneer that builds his path exploring and singing.

"On the lonely road
I started to walk
I sought nothing on the outside
But inside, perhaps"

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