Enrique Bunbury

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Forming the noteworthy band Heroes del Silencio in 1987 (which subsequently broke up in 1996), singer/songwriter Enrique Bunbury (born Enrique Ortiz) has moved around on the Spanish music scene in various incarnations for multiple decades, covering ground from traditional singer/songwriter ballads to techno and all points in between. After a successful run with the Heroes, Bunbury went on to a solo career, starting with the successful techno attempt Radical Sonora and moving on to the darker, slower Pequeño. A few more albums with a newer backing band, and Bunbury moved on to a double album (El Tiempo de las Cerezas) with indie rocker Nacho Vegas. 2008 saw the release of a more straightforward singer/songwriter affair, Hellville De Luxe, which peaked at number one on the Spanish charts.
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Hijos del Pueblo
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